Beat the clock

Muse released their latest album last year (2012) The Second Law. Having listen to the album lots of times now I find it difficult to recall my first impressions. I do remember though I had some initial reservations, as the style of the songs seemed somehow different from their usual sound (if I can say that without sounding too pretentious?). My initial reservations are now however overcome and the more I listen, the more I genuinely and vehemently appreciate each and every song. Not just in a musical sense but conceptually as well. The theme of the album comes through very strongly in each track, destruction of the earth, survival of the species ,epitomised no better perhaps than by Survival (coincidentally, or not, the official song of London 2012 Olympic Games). 

Perhaps the first song to really grab my attention however was The 2nd Law – Isolated System. Primarily an instrumental track, hypnotic, beautiful and haunting all at the same time; its minimal words warning of the inevitability of earths increased entropy really captured something inside me. Though, it was whilst listening to this track on the tube during my regular week day commute that it’s significance really stood out. As I listened and looked around me I suddenly realised that the sentiments of the song were reflected back at me in the passive faces of every commuters, including myself, rushing blindly to and from work. Our blinkered and monotonous journeys, leading to jobs that perpetuated us towards the entropic end Muse captured so quintessentially in their album.

I wanted to capture what I thought was my own little epiphany so made this short film.

Shot on my iPhone, I tried to capture simply what I saw and experienced everyday on the tube, and how I felt this was reflected by the song.