Going Round in Circles

So, because we live in London there is not a day goes by that we don’t use public transport. Tube trains are our favourite, closely followed by the Overground. When the new extension of the Overground opened at the end of last year, completing a loop around central London, we quickly thought “We must have a race! Who do you think would get round first, those going clockwise or those going anti-clockwise?”

There was only one way to find out. And of course we had to capture this escapade on film.

Bacon: The Musical!

Performing with impro group ‘Joystick

I’m never able to tell if Im going to get nervous or not about a show. Last night I got a bit nervous. There were just three of us performing last night and so there was a bit more pressure to be ‘on it’, as you were either in a scene or watching intensively in case you needed to add in or progress the action in someway in the next.

This show was at The Horse Bar in Lambeth North, which has a distinctively different atmosphere from The Miller, the mecca of impro venues. Our suggestions for a film title were strangely all animal related. ‘Help! I married a¬†piranha‘, (something to do with swans, maybe …) ‘Attack of the swans‘ and ‘Bacon: The Musical!‘. And of course the audience wanted a musical.

What ensued was the tale of a hemp, fair-trade, organic and vegan loving couple who host a dinner party. Innocent enough, until one guest brings along their new love interest who has a real hankering for some bacon. Hilarity ensues. But only one song. “We were criticised in the beginning for not including enough songs” recalls the director, during an interview for the DVD bonus features. Although there was a pig slaughtering scene, the inevitable reason the film made such a colossal loss at the box office the film’s PR Manager recalls.

Whilst controversial we did win the impro award under the category of ‘Fake Hemp Shop Name that Should be an Actual Shop’, for ‘Hemps ‘R’ Us‘.


Joystick‘ is a merry band of improvisers who I love playing with. Our new film format, or Cinamash as we’re currently calling it, is a mix bewteen short and long form. I find it quite challenging as there is a need to constantly be thinking bout the narrative and therefore less opportunitty to just jump in with characters and ideas that are a bit on a tangent. We’re going to be performing at a few Crashpad events in the coming months to try and iron out the kinks in the format and see how far we can take it.

Here’s a little taste of things we’ve done in the past.

Our next performance (not of Bacon: The Musical!) will be at The Miller on Tuesday 5th Feb, 8pm. Details here