Rivers of London

My goodness am I enjoying the Rivers of London series! I’m up to Foxglove Summer in the novel series but have just discovered that there is a comic book series too. And I’m already behind! 

So I’ve caught my self up with a treat of all the Body Art series in one (and a signed copy to boot!) and have subscribed at my local Forbidden Planet for the Night Witch series. 

What I love about the stories is how the magical world’s and the real world’s are mixed together so seamlessly. The subtleties of how they live side by side, and the plausibility of it is clever and captivating. It’s probably why I’m also a massive Harry Potter nut. 

Oh. You should also know I picked up Foxglove Summer at my local library which is under threat of closure. It’s already reduced to just three days a week and is self service. You can follow the progress of the save lambeth’s libraries campaign on Twitter with @DefendTheTen