Where to Invade Next

Here is my latest film inspired poster art / illustration.

I’ve recently started using Adobe Illustrator, this is mainly for getting my board game design together, but have been trying out a few other ideas and techniques along the way.

If you haven’t seen Michael Moore’s latest documentary ‘Where to Invade Next’, then you really should. A good hard stare at the pitfalls of the American Dream. Not that the UK one is any currently any more fulfilling.

Lamenting for what America once was.

Where to Invade Next

The Last Man on the Moon

The personal story of a Nation’s hope. Heartbreak than runs deeper than anyone can or wants to say.

The speed with which the World changes. When the world’s greatest achievements are remembered by Wikipedia entries.

To see the Earth as no one ever had done before. 

As no will ever see again? 



I watched this film a year an a half ago. What sticks with me so fiercely is the cinematography. Images forged onto my memory. Resonating emotions. Bleak. Truthful. Life.  Meditative.