Friends Fest

When I was in high school (longer ago than I care to remember) a brand new American sit-com came to Friday night’s Channel 4. Friends shaped by teenage years. I recorded episodes (on VHS!) as I always had Ballet classes on Fridays and then watched them over and over again all week, until the next episode came out.

img_2684I literally could quote Friends all day. I was and remain obsessed. When Comedy Central took over the rights to show Friends, and our TV package didn’t cover the cost of the channel I was both devastated, and a little bit relieved. If an episode of Friends is on, I canNOT ignore it. It can never just be playing in the background whilst I carry on with other tasks. I am drawn in every time. I have literally whiled away DAYS of my life, days of pure joy, watching and laughing at episodes I have seen HUNDREDS of times.

It’s the small character details that I love.┬áNobody stops acting for a second, the nuances and the quirks are superb, and sometimes the best moments are with characters who are not even speaking, they are just reacting.


So it’s no surprise that when Friends Fest came to London I was desperate to go. We were so lucky to get tickets. And whilst I know these weren’t the original sets, just having the opportunity to sit on that famous sofa, has made me so happy.

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