I am a co-founder of LadyProv a three person improv troupe.

We have a monthly character, improv and sketch night ‘LadyProv presents …‘ at The Wheatsheaf, W1T 1JB.

Our next show TUESDAY 20 SEPTEMBER 8PM with guests Gemma Arrowsmith, Phil Lindsey and DNAYS.


Past Performances / Work 

July 2016LadyProv presents …. with guests The RH Experience, Charlie Booth, Rachael Parris

June 2016 LadyProv presents … with guests Fiona Sagar, BRAD, Cheekykita.

May 2016LadyProv presents …. with guests The Science of Living Things, The Sandi & Danni Improv Show, Kit Sullivan, Alison Thea-Skot

April 2016LadyProv presents … with guest Lola Rose, Andrew Hunter Murray, The Diodes Improv, Thunderbards

January 2016 – guest performance at The Sandy & Danni Improv Show, Canal Cafe

November 2015 – guest performance at Duck Duck Goose, Effra Social

October 2015Improvised Film Challenge, Hoopla Impro

August 2015LadyProv presents … FreeProv and Mrs Benn, Edinburgh Fringe Festival