Over the past four to five years I have presented and voiced over a number of video news pieces. Primary this has been for online broadcast with the website 

My specialism is London’s transport network, but i have also really enjoyed working with topics such as history, London trivia and my ultimate favourite, Harry Potter.

I am also occasionally lucky to work with my partner Geoff Marshall and have collaborated on a number of pieces for his YouTube channel, Geofftech 

Here are some examples of my most recent and favourite pieces.


Find out what this Metropolitan Police hook in Leicester Square is for

Harry Potter film locations in London

(You can also see some of the live presenting work I did for the book launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Londonist Facebook page.)

Find out where the best abandon railway is in London.


Geoff says he can tell the difference between tea that’s been made in a pot and tea that’s been made in a cup. I’m sceptical.

We report from the last ever public service of the 1967 stock on the Victoria Line